Different procedures necessitate different types of anesthesia.  The method of anesthesia also depends on the the patient’s physical status, level of apprehension and ultimately the safety of the patient to undergo the surgical procedure.

At the consultation appointment, you and Dr. Marshall will discuss which type of anesthesia is best for you.


Anesthetic medication is injected into the areas of the mouth where surgery is to be performed.  You will then develop a loss of sensation (numbing) in the area.  This may last several hours.


This is commonly known as laughing gas and is used in conjunction with local anesthesia.  This is breathed through a mask over your nose and will help you relax while having surgery.  It may also be combined with an oral sedative to further relieve apprehension. You remain conscious with this method, but you will be in a more relaxed condition.


This involves the administration of sedative medications through a vein to establish a stage of sedation or sleep.  You will be comfortable and calm and unaware of the procedure being performed.  You will not have any pain and may not remember anything when you awake.  This method requires close monitoring of your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate,etc.) by Dr. Marshall and his trained in order to provide a safe and comfortable experience.

Dr.Marshall has the training, experience and expertise to administer all of the anesthetic methods.   This facility undergoes an in office evaluation at periodice intervals to ensure patient safety.

When it comes to your choice of anesthesia for your oral surgery procedure, please discuss your options with Dr. Marshall at the time of your consultation.